Registration Fee: p150/Person, regardless of how many dogs you’ll be bringing.

Pay at the day of event itself upon entry.

► Click here to register so you do not have to encode your details anymore during the event:

*Walk-ins or registration on the day itself will also be available.

► RSVP – Get notified by Facebook when the event is near,

Click Join:


Everyone is Invited! Join the BIGGEST SUMMER PAWrty in the Metro! 

#‎PLC5thYearAnniversary #‎DoggieFunFair #‎DFFYr3


WHEN                 MAY 15, 2016, Sunday

TIME                   10:00 am – 7:00 pm

WHERE               Greenfield Central Park, Mandaluyong

BENEFICIARY    CARA Welfare Philippines


  1. Responsible Pet Ownership
  2. To Raise Awareness Against Animal Abuse & Neglect
  3. To Give Recognition for the Working Dogs of the Philippines


FREE Doggie Swimming Pool Use

FREE Pet Stroller Use

FREE Pet Blessing

FREE Anti-Rabies Vaccination

FREE Doggie Vitamins

FREE Dry Grooming

FREE Vet Consultation

FREE Obstacle Course

FREE Photo Printing (Instabooth)

– use #‎GreenfieldDistrict #DoggieFunFair #‎PetloversCloset


♦ Obedience Training

♦ Responsible Pet Parenting

♦ Animal Welfare Act Awareness

♦ Importance of Dog Vaccination & Deworming

♦ Whatever you need to know about Dog Grooming

♦ Common Veterinary Concerns & Dog Illnesses

♦ Training of our K9 Bomb Sniffing Dogs

♦ Temperament & Agility Training for Working Dogs


✓ Adopt a Dog Booth (CARA Welfare Philippines)

✓ Raffle Prizes

✓ Carnival / ‘Perya’ Game Booths

✓ Doggie PAWshion Show

✓ Food Trip

✓ Shop till you drop

✓ PCCI New Membership Application

✓ PCCI Renewal of Membership

✓ PCCI Transfer of Ownership

✓ PCCI Litter Registration

✓ PCCI Kennel Name Registration


► DFF Souvenir Shirt for a Cause:

► Fashion Contestants Registration:

► For interested sponsors, concessionaires or media collaboration:

► For more info about our event:


Brought to you by:

Petlovers Closet:

Online Philippines Corp.

Greenfield District:

Hosted by Max Tiu:


In Participation With:

Pooch Pals Philippines, Cat and Dog Fashionista, Japanese Spitz Club Philippines, Philippine Responsible Owners – Dog Central, Mini Pinscher Lovers Philippines, Learning Dogs Society, Cavite Husky Pack, Chow Chow Club of the Philippines, Dog Lovers Unlimited, Endless Pawsibilities, Fur Paws, Furever Barkadas, Mandaluyong Pack Leaders, Philippine Caucasian Ovcharka Club, Philippine Toy Poodle Owners, Superdogs of the Philippines

Special Thanks To:

Pet Express, ilovemypets. ph, EzyDog Philippines, Pinoy Dog Whisperer, Internationale Profungs Ordnung (IPO) and Schutzhund Association of the Philippines, Inc, SAVER/Lady SAVER, VKLV, Saint Roche, Furmagic, Furmom’s, Manalo K9, Bon A Pet Grooming

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>>> REGISTRATION IS NOW OFFICIALLY OPEN<<<< Registration Fee: p150/Person, regardless of how many dogs you'll be bringing. Pay at the ...
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Xavier Honors 2015 Exemplary Alumni

From left to right: Robert Louie P. So, MD (’93) , Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ (’89), and Michael L ...
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Xavier Honors 2015 Exemplary Alumni


From left to right: Robert Louie P. So, MD (’93) , Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ (’89), and Michael L. Tan, DVM, PhD (’69)

Xavier alumni Michael L. Tan, DVM, PhD (’69) and Robert Louie P. So, MD (’93) received this year’s Xavier-Kuangchi Award for Exemplary Alumni last Friday, July 24, in simple conferment rites held at the Angelo King Multi-purpose Center.


The awards night started with an invocation by Rev. Fr. Peter O. Pojol, SJ (’85), awards and events chair, and member of the board of trustees. Johnip Cua (’73), chairman of the board of trustees, then gave the welcome address, citing the bold choice of the honorees to devote their professional lives in government service.


Ray Anthony Roxas-Chua III (’93), former Chairman of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology, presented the first awardee, Robert So. His introduction highlighted the achievements of his classmate in the Department of Health, his passion to serve, and reminisced about their time together in Xavier School. Robert accepted the award with a speech thanking the board of trustees, and shared the award with key individuals who have inspired and guided him throughout his life – his parents, mother-in-law, fellow alumni, his doctor, his mentor and boss, Atty. Alexander Padilla, Fr. Maximo Barbero, classmates, teachers, Xavier school, his children, and his wife.


Bienvenido Tan III (’69) introduced the next awardee, Michael Tan, Chancellor of the University of the Philippines (UP). In his acceptance speech, Michael was very much the university administrator, proudly recognizing the outstanding performance in UP of Xavier graduates, several of whom he invited to the event. He also paid tribute to ICA alumnae who have made noteworthy achievements in UP, among them Tiffany Grace Uy who graduated summa cum laude with the highest grades in UP’s postwar history. He ended with an appeal to Xavier School to produce more educators and for more Xavier alumni to become public servants.


The school president, Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ (’89), gave the closing speech. His brief message cited both honorees for sharing much in common with Hsu Kuangchi, a court official in Ming dynasty China, who used his knowledge to improve the lives of ordinary people. He commended both men for seeking “to find ways to make life better (for the poor), especially by way of access to medical care.”


The program concluded with a short AVP that highlighted the role of the school’s Jesuit pioneers in shaping Xavier’s culture and legacy and revealed the logo for the school’s 60th anniversary, which will be celebrated in 2016.

In attendance were the family, friends, and former classmates of the awardees, the Board of Trustees, past XKEA awardees, and other members of the Xavier School community, including over 100 high school students.







Xavier Honors 2015 Exemplary Alumni

From left to right: Robert Louie P. So, MD (’93) , Fr. Aristotle C. Dy, SJ (’89), and Michael L ...
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10th annual Bowling Tournament

Written by Diosdado Ng '85, AAXS President 2013-2015   Last Sunday, August 18, 2013, the 10th Federation of Filipino-Chinese Alumni ...
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“Natura non facit saltus” — in memory of the Reverend Ismael Zuloaga, S.J.


By Edward H.M. Wang, MD (XS ’75)
Published on October 8, 2013 | ERDA Tech, Reflections, XS Nuvali, XS San Juan
Photo by Martin Gomez (’99), XS Next Lab Moderator


“Natura non facit saltus” – in memory of the Reverend Ismael Zuloaga, S.J. (Nov 2 1927-Oct 8 2012)

I never did become very familiar with Fr. Zuloaga, not the way I got to know Fr. Barbero, Fr. Papilla, or even Fr. Clifford.  Ever since I can remember, he was always someone from administration, someone I would see at opening and closing ceremonies, and someone whose signature would appear on all my report cards and mimeographed letters to parents.  In Grade School, I would shake his hand on special occasions and I would notice a balding Spaniard peering at me through spectacles perched on a distinctive parrot beaked nose.  High School was little different except I clearly remember a faint hint of a smile as he watched us march up the stage during graduation to receive our diplomas.  Throughout my Xavier years, many teachers had come and gone but this priest was omnipresent, whether in person or in signature—almost as if he had patiently waited and watched each of us grow over a dozen years from unruly toddlers to rowdy teenagers.

After Xavier, I did not hear much anymore about Fr. Zulo except that he had returned to China to continue business left unfinished when the Jesuits departed in 1949.  On one of my personal forays into China, I bumped into him queuing at the counter of an airport terminal.  We asked about each other and I observed he moved on with a lightness of step and heart.  I thought to myself, here he was, entering China again after so many decades away, on a new but equally daunting mission to resurrect almost from dust what his forefathers had taken centuries to build. Like Matteo Ricci, he obviously knew this mission was not going to be accomplished in a lifetime.  Was that stubbornness or was that patience?  Maybe it was a little of both.

Several years into orthopaedic practice, I received a call from the Xavier infirmary asking for an appointment for Fr. Zuloaga himself.  He had broken his arm in an accident.  Luckily, his humeral fracture did not require surgery and I treated him with plaster and sling.  On follow-up I told him the bones had good alignment but almost apologetically, I also informed him the fracture did not yet show signs of full healing—Medicine tells us these fractures unite in a few months’ time.  As if to appease my unfounded anxiety, he wrote down the words “Natura non facit saltus” and continued to translate this Latin phrase:  Nature does not make jumps.  I nodded in agreement.

I saw him a few more times, once because of a hip fracture and then another time, because of several osteoporotic compression spine fractures.  Eighty-four years and a chronic kidney ailment had taken a toll on his now frail body.  When I saw him in his room, he could hardly sit without help.  Every movement was excruciatingly tender.  He looked emaciated as a result of his debilitating condition.  In agony, he pointed out to me the unrelenting soreness.  Haltingly, he described to me the intractable pain.  Very gently, he told me about the inauguration of Xavier Nuvali. I knew then it wasn’t about the pain.  Propped up with a brace, supported with analgesics and armed with a steely resolve, he braved the trip to Sta. Rosa.  That evening, his nurse informed me that Father Zuloaga had beamed with pride even as he courageously sat through the opening ceremonies for Xavier Nuvali.  I can almost imagine again that faint hint of a smile on his lips as he sat through the inaugural event of what was another long and yet unfinished journey to expand Xavier School.

In the morning of October 9, 2012, after lighting three sticks of incense, I sat in the quiet of the Xavier School Multi-Purpose Center, alone with the remains of Father Zuloaga.  I could not help but remember the words he spoke to me many years back, “Natura non facit saltus”.  I knew it was congruous with the basic tenets of Medicine and I had used the phrase myself to allay the apprehensions of many a nervous patient.  But reflecting on Father Zulo’s life, I realize that it was not only Medicine he was referring to.  “Natura non facit saltus” was a universal truth, a basic tenet of life, a golden rule by which he had lived:  watching us grow through grade school and high school, taking the journey back into China, awaiting the healing of his broken bones, anticipating Xavier Nuvali, and knowing full well he might not be around for the next big Xavier affair.  We had never talked much but the one Latin phrase he had instilled in me was symbolic of his own quiet inner strength—a well lived visionary life of patience and waiting.

When the school bell rang, two young Xavier boys, obviously more curious than they were serious, trotted into the hall, excitedly lit their incense sticks, tried their very best to stay still in front of Fr. Zulo’s photograph for 10 seconds, then giggled their way out.  I stood up, knowing how, like me, these two boys had been lucky enough to have been part of this man’s deliberate patience.

Thank you, Father Zulo.

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“Natura non facit saltus” — in memory of the Reverend Ismael Zuloaga, S.J.

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Remembering Fr. Zulo

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